I’m Andrew Graham and this is my collection of work. Welcome and thanks for visiting.

This blog now has two parts. Under ‘Journalism’ is a collection of my published reportage and investigative journalism. ‘Snapshots’ is travel writing from my years between college and grad school.

At the moment I’m 27 years old, and my time is spent pursuing a masters degree in Environmental Science Journalism. It’s a tricky career path to take, but one I choose for two simple reasons: the money and the rockstar lifestyle.

I began this blog by publishing a series of short, easily digestible travel vignettes set in four countries; Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Each is a “snapshot,” a moment pulled out of time from two and a half years of living abroad. A few were written during my travels, but most were crafted after my return. I focused on particularly memorable experiences and encounters, and my hope is that by doing so I gave them a more reflective air than your typical diary-esque travel blog. I decided not to write or publish them in chronological order, leaping through time and space as I saw fit.

Since then, as my publishing as a journalist has picked up, I added the journalism page.

I appreciate your reading, and I hope you’ll enjoy my writing. To contact me, please use the form found below the photo.


Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge, Spring 2016




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