Below are links to works of journalism I’ve published with various media outlets. I found many of these stories while pursuing my Masters in Environmental Journalism from the University of Montana. For more information click on the about page.

-A long magazine story on the town of Colstrip, and the politics beginning to swirl around coal country. Rhetoric and voices are being raised as livelihoods are being threatened. Published in Mountain Outlaw, a print magazine. Online version here.

-Threats to coal equal a threat to Colstrip’s livelihood. A shorter news piece published by National Geographic Energy, here.

-A behind the scenes story about the Buffalo Field Campaign, a group of wildlife activists on the edge of Yellowstone National Park. Published by Narratively, here.

-A story about how journalists cover western wildfires, and what they miss. Cover story for the Montana Journalism Review, here.

-An investigative feature on the poor regulation of oil pipelines crossing under the nation’s rivers. Published by Wyofile, here.

-In Costa Rica, the next green energy source could threaten the country’s famed national parks. Published by National Geographic Energy, here.

-What’s it like to watch from a bird’s eye view as the climate changes around us? Fascinating, apparently. Published by Research Vision, here.

-Biomimicry, the link between biology and business. Published by Mountain Outlaw, here.

-Energy use and data centers at the University of Montana. Published in the Montana Kaimin, here.

-University of Montana launches its first online-only four year degree. Published in the Montana Kaimin, here.